Wednesday, May 27, 2015

ADVERTISERS LEAVING '19 KIDS AND COUNTING': TLC hasn't officially pulled the plug on "19 Kids and Counting", but if it does make it back onto the airwaves, it'll be with a few less advertisers.

So far General Mills, Payless shoes, Walgreens, and Choice Hotels have decided to yank their advertising dollars. The show is still on hiatus while TLC tries to figure out what to do in the wake of revelations that 27-year-old JOSH DUGGAR molested several underage girls, including his sisters, when he was a teenager.

There's talk the network might keep the show but get rid of Josh, although that's not likely to silence the critics -- especially since his parents JIM BOB and MICHELLE knew what their son did and kept it quiet, deciding instead to deal with it themselves rather than turn their son in. It was only after the secret got out a few years later that they had to admit it to police, but by then the statute of limitations had run out so Josh never got in any legal trouble.

And they just keep looking worse as people point out how hypocritical some of their past statements and actions look now. Like when Jim Bob was running for Senate in 2002, and said incest should be punishable by death. For the record, Josh is still alive.

WILL JOHNNY DEPP DO TIME FOR DOG SMUGGLING?!: Although JOHNNY DEPP'S two dogs are out of Australia, he could be facing jail time and a large fine.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian Senate committee on Monday said that if the incident is brought to trial, and Depp is found guilty, the actor will face up to 10 years in jail and a maximum fine of $265,000 for bringing his Yorkshire Terriers, Boo and Pistol, into the country. Officials are currently trying to determine how Depp sidestepped a customs checkpoint.

The pups became the subject of controversy after Depp brought the dogs with him when he and his wife, Amber Heard, flew to Australia on a private jet last month, so Depp could continue filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The Department of Agriculture said the dogs weren't claimed on arrivals slips, which are mandatory whether one is flying commercial or on a private aircraft.


The couple spent Memorial Day together at Disneyland riding the theme park's most famous rides together, although word is John passed on Space Mountain so Katy rode that ride with friends.

Witnesses say the two were there all day, and dined in the ultra-exclusive eatery Club 33 at night before leaving the park around midnight.

John and Katy have dated on and off since 2012.

Meanwhile ... GWYNETH PALTROW and CHRIS MARTIN spent Memorial Day together with their kids at a house party in Malibu. Although they arrived separately, a source told People magazine they hung out together at the party.

Paltrow and Martin, who reached a settlement on their divorce in April, have spent other holidays together since the two split in March 2014 after 10 years of marriage. The pair reportedly also celebrated Mother's Day together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

GEORGE CLOONEY OPENS UP ABOUT PROPOSAL: Most women wouldn't have to think about it if GEORGE CLOONEY proposed to them, but Amal Alamuddin apparently isn't most women.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, George says they never discussed marriage talk before he proposed to her, he just "dropped it on her" one day.

He says he cued up a playlist of his aunt ROSEMARY CLOONEY's songs, then got down on one knee. "I asked her, and she just kept saying, 'Oh my, God,' and 'Wow,' and we just sat there. And finally, I just said . . . 'I've been on my knee for about 28 minutes so I gotta get an answer out of this because I'm gonna throw a hip out! I might not be able to stand back up.'"

BEYONCÉ EMPTIED AN EXPENSIVE BOTTLE OF CHAMPAGNE INTO A HOT TUB AND PEOPLE ARE UPSET: During the making of the NICKI MINAJ and BEYONCÉ video for their song "Feeling Myself," Bey emptied a bottle of expensive champagne into a hot tub, just because she can, and now the Internet is freaking out.

The bottle in question was a bottle of Armand de Brignac, a.k.a. 'Ace of Spades'. A single bottle costs anywhere from $300 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, although it's unclear how expensive the one in the video is.

In any event, people lost their minds over it online, saying things like: "Beyoncé, pouring my college tuition fees into a hot tub" . . . and, "Even just $1,000 could have completely changed someone's life" ... and "Seeing her pour out a $20,000 bottle into a pool is a slap in the face."

For what it's worth, Jay Z owns that champagne, so it's likely no one paid for it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DAYCARE WARNS PARENTS ABOUT LINDSAY LOHAN'S COMMUNITY SERVICE: Regarding LINDSAY LOHAN completing her court-ordered community service at a Brooklyn, New York, daycare center; The New York Post reports that when parents showed up to pick up their kids, they received a letter informing them of Lohan’s expected presence.

The letter from the center’s early-childhood education director reportedly informs parents that “Ms. Lohan has asked to return to complete her community services and may be placed in a classroom with your child.” It goes on to assure parents that Lindsey will be “under constant supervision" and assures parents Lohan will “never be left alone” with the kids.

Lindsay has completed less than 10 of the required 125 hours of community service and has until May 28 to finish or face possible jail time. The community service was ordered as part of her sentence for the 2012 case involving her crash with a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway.

ERIN ANDREWS WAS NOT SHADING CONTESTANT'S PROPOSAL, OR WAS SHE?!: ERIN ANDREWS says she was not rolling her eyes when Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend on "Dancing with the Stars".

Andrews caught a bunch of crap on Twitter for the way she reacted after the double-amputee Army veteran popped the question. Many thought she had a less-than-thrilled look on her face, and was even accused of rolling her eyes.

But Erin says she was touched, not annoyed ...

DID TIGER WOODS CHEAT ON LINDSEY VONN?!: TIGER WOODS and LINDSEY VONN may have broken up over Tiger's cheating ways.

So far, the only "proof" is a source talking to the not-always-reliable British tabloids. According to said source, Tiger had a one-night stand after he was eliminated from a tournament in February.
"He can't help himself," explains the tattletale. "He's got an addiction. He relapsed."

Tiger supposedly confessed to Lindsey in the hopes that the truth would set him free. That tactic, obviously, didn't work. "He really wanted Lindsey to be the one," added the source."But he blew it again."

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LINDSAY LOHAN SHORT HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE, PLANS TO WORK IT OFF AT DAYCARE CENTER: LINDSAY LOHAN is going to work off her court-ordered community service at a children's center in Brooklyn.

Lindsay is 115 hours short, so, beginning today, she's going to start working them off at the Duffield Children's Center in Brooklyn where she'll do arts and crafts, help kids with their reading, and do administrative work.

She's completed less than 10 of the required 125 hours of community service and has until May 28 to finish or face possible jail time. She would theoretically have to work seven hours a day, seven days a week to meet the deadline. Prosecutors say if she falls short, they'll recommend jail time.

Lohan was ordered to perform community service as part of her sentence for the 2012 case involving her crash with a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway.

ARE JENNIFER LOPEZ AND CASPER SMART BACK TOGETHER?!: JENNIFER LOPEZ and Casper Smart split up in June of 2014 after two years of dating, but always remained fairly close. And lately, they've been spending a lot of time together. So much so that the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation is wondering if they're a thing again.

While we can't give you a definitive answer to that question, all signs to do seem to point that way.

For example, they vacationed in Mexico for Smart's 28th birthday in early April and were spotted in Las Vegas where they watched the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight with some of JLo's family members.

Then yesterday, Lopez shared an Instagram pic of Smart for Man Crush Monday, adding the hashtags #lovethispic and #HandsomeBear (Bear is the nickname the pair use for each other).

Thursday, May 07, 2015

WATCH KIM KARDASHIAN GET HECKLED BY ANTI-FUR PROTESTERS: KIM KARDASHIAN was signing her book of selfies in New York City on Tuesday when a group of anti-fur protesters interrupted the proceedings. They actually got to her more than once, by pretending they were there for a signed book.

The first guy tells her, "I just want to say, you're the most disgusting human being on this planet. Shame on you for supporting the fur industry!" Another is heard saying, "Can you make it out to all the animals that have been tortured and killed for you to wear a fur coat?"

TABLOID TRASH - DID KRIS JENNER MAKE SWEET LOVE WITH LAMAR ODOM?!: KHLOE KARDASHIAN has had her ups and downs with LAMAR ODOM. But apparently, her mom has had her ins and outs with him. Hi-Yo! See what I did there?

Anyway, the rarely reliable "Star" magazine claims KRIS JENNER was caught doing the naughty with Lamar. To her credit, though, Khloe had already filed for divorce from him.

Sources say Lamar and Kris met to have a "heart to heart", but ended up smashing different parts of their anatomies together instead. They were supposedly caught by one of Lamar's other girlfriends.

Khloe allegedly confronted Kris, but the mom-ager denied it. And Khloe isn't sure what the truth is. According to the tab's source, "One moment she'll be saying she can't believe anything that happened, then the next she'll be saying Kris stole her husband and ruined her life."

KYLIE KOMES KLEAN: People have been asking KYLIE JENNER for a long time if she's had her lips done. Well kids, you can stop tearing your faces apart doing the Kylie Jenner Challenge because after months of denial she has finally admitted to using something -- and it's not sucking on an empty soda bottle or a shot glass.

In a preview clip promoting the next episode of the family's reality show, Kylie comes clean about her super-plump lips: "I have temporary lip fillers. It's just an insecurity of mine, and it's what I wanted to do."

She explains that the insecurity is a result of "people [always being] so quick to judge me on everything," but adds that she wasn't being deceitful about her enhanced lips. "I might have tiptoed around the truth, but I didn't lie."

ONE DIRECTION CAT FIGHT: ZAYN MALIK has been hanging out with a producer named NAUGHTY BOY since he left ONE DIRECTION. And during that time, Naughty Boy has been trading jabs with LOUIS TOMLINSON on Twitter. Zayn has stayed out of it. Until now.

Yesterday, Naughty Boy posted a photo of him and Zayn and captioned it, quote, "Replace this." The photo had an old-school looking filter applied to it.

So Louis Tweeted ...

That's when Zayn finally jumped in ...

Your move Louis.

SANDRA BULLOCK STALKER PLEADS NOT GUILTY: SANDRA BULLOCK'S alleged stalker pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday. A tentative trial date for Joshua Corbett has been set for July 6.

Corbett was arrested inside Bullock's Hollywood Hills home in June of 2014, after Bullock dialed 911 and locked herself in her bedroom until police arrived.

Corbett's attorney said Wednesday outside the courthouse that his client "never intended to hurt" Bullock, he just "really thought that he was married to her," but quickly added that "he doesn't think that anymore."