Friday, August 22, 2014

NICK CANNON CONFIRMS SEPARATION: NICK CANNON confirmed tabloid reports yesterday that he and MARIAH CAREY have separated. Speaking to The Insider, Nick said, "There is trouble in paradise," adding, "We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”

While he didn't say why they split, he denied is was due to infidelity. And if TMZ is to be believed, that's all we'll be hearing from him on the matter. The gossip site reports Mariah has slapped him with a "completely one-sided" confidentiality agreement that exacts "severe financial penalties" if he says anything more about their uncoupling.

Mariah, however, is supposedly allowed to speak of it "on her terms" -- although at this time she's not speaking about it at all. Her rep has refused comment, only saying her focus is, quote, "on her children and her upcoming tour."

As we told you yesterday, TMZ is saying that the “divorce is a done deal” and that lawyers are currently negotiating property and custody agreements.

TAYLOR SWIFT AND JOHN MAYER DINED IN SAME RESTAURANT: Talk about an awkward moment. TAYLOR SWIFT and JOHN MAYER dined within eye shot of each other in West Hollywood last night. The awkward exes reportedly ignored each other throughout their meals and did not exchange a single word with one another the entire evening.

PAMELA ANDERSON + PINK'S HUBBY REFUSE TO TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Don't challenge PAMELA ANDERSON to take the Ice Bucket Challenge because she won't. In a post on her Facebook page she said she's not down with the ALS Association supporting animal testing.

Instead, Pam urges her fans to "find and support charities that never harm animals and which pour their time and resources into advanced, promising, human-relevant cures."

PINK'S husband CAREY HART also refused to take the challenge, but not on any moral grounds. Although he donated to ALS, he called out the whole concept  ...

After catching a ton of crap from his followers, he took to Instagram to say he was "misunderstood":

"I have nothing against what #ALS is doing to raise money. I think its a very creative idea. Earlier today I was not in the position to do the ice bucket so i opted to donate. When i did that i got a ton of hate tweets about not doing the ice bucket part. And most of the people who were saying things were using the IBC as more of a contest and social piece.

Not doing it for charity, awareness, or even promoting ALS. That is why i posted an annoyed comment about the fact that people were more interested in me dumping a bucket of water on my head rather than raising money for a horrible disease. I think it is a great and creative way to raise money but unfortunately, from what i have seen it has evolved into a pass along joke to some."

TODAY IN CELEBRITY ICE BUCKET CHALLENGES: KELLY CLARKSON'S first post-baby appearance is this adorable Ice Bucket Challenge video. Clarkson and her husband took the plunge in what appears to be their backyard. "Oh my God, that's so cold!" Kelly shrieks, after being drenched. The video ends with her running around the yard and her hubby saying, “Cut.”

Nick Cannon said last week on "America's Got Talent" he would do it naked but opted to doing it wearing nothing but a towel instead ...

ANNE HATHAWAY set up an Instagram account just to take the challenge herself ...

Mom-to-be HAYDEN PANETTIERE had pal DEREK HOUGH dump a bucketful of cold water on her ...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

MARIAH CAREY/NICK CANNON DIVORCE 'A DONE DEAL': Stick a fork in MARIAH CAREY and NICK CANNON'S six year marriage because it's done.

We told you yesterday the New York Post was reporting that the couple has been living apart for months now because Mariah supposedly doesn't trust Nick and suspected him of cheating, while Nick is tired of being bossed around and is fed up with Mariah's "diva demands".

Well today, TMZ joins the breakup party. They claim that not only have Mariah and Nick been living apart since May, but that their relationship is so beyond saving, lawyers have been negotiating a property settlement and custody agreement for months, and that a divorce is all but "a done deal."

Their sources say Nick's appearance on an L.A. radio show in March was the beginning of the end. after Nick played "name the 5 celebs you've slept with" and one of the five he mentioned was his old girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN. Mariah, they allege, felt humiliated by his candor, and the relationship never recovered.

For Nick's part ... he feels Mimi has surrounded herself with "yes men" and has become impossible to live. He supposedly can't stand that she can't handle it when he dares to disagree with her.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION ZAC EFRON + MEG RYAN: After just two months of dating -- or whatever they've been doing -- ZAC EFRON and MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ have called it quits, supposedly after having a big fight in Ibiza, Spain.

No word on what the fight was about, but one gossip site source says it was over "Michelle [doing] her own thing," adding, "Zac knew this about her when he got with her. He's very into her though...perhaps more than she's into him."

Meanwhile ... People magazine is reporting that MEG RYAN and singer JOHN MELLENCAMP have split after nearly three years of dating.

Distance was reportedly the biggest factor in the decision. She lives in New York City, while he resides in Indiana. Mellencamp recently told Rolling Stone magazine he was too "sensitive" to live in New York and had no plans of ever leaving Indiana. "I'm going to die here," he's quoted as saying.

IN DENIAL: BEYONCE'S mom is denying divorce rumors involving her daughter and JAY Z.

Tina Knowles was leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday when she was bum rushed by a paparazzo who asked for a comment on the divorce rumors. Tina told the guy everything between them is "perfect".

But according to Us Weekly, Bey and Jay aren't exactly crazy in love anymore. The tab claims Beyonce been asking bestie GWYNETH PALTROW for advice on how she can 'consciously uncouple' from Jay.

The magazine reports she's so impressed with how Gwennie parted ways with CHRIS MARTIN after 10 years of marriage that she's been hitting her up for direction on how to end her marriage in the best way possible.

A so called insider says Beyonce’ is  planning to make her move and announce a split in the fall, and that similar to Paltrow and Martin, 'The day after the announcement, Bey and Jay will still be spotted together. The two will be all lovey-dovey.'

TODAY IN CELEBRITY ICE BUCKET CHALLENGES: Gwyneth Paltrow posted her ice bucket challenge yesterday. Watch it for the bikini, but hear it for her screaming at the end.

LINDSAY LOHAN took the ice bucket challenge last night on "The Tonight Show" ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ROMANCE REPORT: Are JENNIFER LOPEZ and Casper Smart giving it one more try? That's what many on the World Wide Web of Celebrity Speculation are wondering after Lopez was photographed Monday in the passenger seat of a white convertible driven by Casper.

Even more interesting is that when Jennifer saw the photographers, she tried to duck out of sight. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

So are they considering a reconciliation?  One gossip site source says no. "They are still friends [but] they are not back together."

Okay, well what about DRAKE and RIHANNA, are they doing it again? Those two were at a club together in New York City Monday night, and while they didn't arrive or leave together, they were inside the club at the same time for about two hours.

TMZ described them as being "deep in conversation, flirtatious and whispering in each others ears." There's no word, official or otherwise, on the status of their relationship.

Speaking of RiRi ... The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the NFL has narrowed their performance wish list for this year's Super Bowl halftime show to three acts ... Rihanna, KATY PERRY, and COLDPLAY.

The league is apparently ignoring the people who want to see WEIRD AL YANKOVIC get the gig. As of last night, the petition to have Weird Al perform was up to 126,000 supporters.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - MARIAH AND NICK ON VERGE OF DIVORCE: Sources are telling the New York Post MARIAH CAREY and NICK CANNON are headed for splitsville after six years of marriage. They're supposedly “living separately” -- Nick, the spy claims,  has been "living out of hotels."

Word is, they've been"fighting a lot” after she hired security to keep an eye on Nick, whom she suspected of cheating. Mariah supposedly sent a security guard to keep watch over him when he hosted pool parties in Las Vegas earlier this year. “The security guard wasn’t there to keep the girls away from him," a souce told the Post, "It was to keep him away from the girls.”

Rumors of trouble in paradise first began swirling in July after they put their $13 million Bel Air mansion up for sale.

LOHAN DENIED: Well this is embarrassing. LINDSAY LOHAN'S credit card allegedly got declined at a nightclub over the weekend. The New York Post claims LiLo tried to pay the $2,500 tab for her table, but that her card was rejected.

A source who supposedly witnessed the awkward moment told the tab, “Lindsay freaked out when her card was declined. Her friends and others in her group had to chip in to cover the bill.”

TODAY IN CELEBRITY ICE BUCKET CHALLENGES: CHARLIE SHEEN'S dumping a bucket of cash on himself was pretty good, but Foo Fighter founding member DAVE GROHL'S elaborate remake of the famous prom / bucket of blood scene from the 1976 horror movie "Carrie" blew it out of the water

In Dave's video, he plays Carrie -- with a tiara, prom dress and flowers -- drummer Taylor Hawkins plays his/her date, and fellow Foo Fighters Pat Smear and Nate Mendel play the kids who trigger the bucket drop, which, by the way, is filled with ice water, not blood.

Meanwhile ... KATY PERRY accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge wearing a black bikini while on some pirate ship-like ride at what appears to be a water park. She nominated MADONNA.

TOM CRUISE and his "Mission: Impossible 5" director had bucket after bucket of ice water poured on them. The pair took the hits for cast and crew who had been challenged but were not able to join them. (WATCH)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

CELEBS EMBRACE CELEBRITY ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: At this point are there any celebrities left who have not done the Ice Bucket Challenge? Here are a few of the latest ...

CHARLIE SHEEN didn't do it like anybody else because, well, because Charlie is Charlie. Instead of water, he dumped $10,000 in cash on his head.

Celebrities who poured actual ice water on themselves in the last 48 hours include LADY GAGA, who did it wordlessly, while wearing what appears to be a bondage-inspired one-piece bathing suit and black lipstick.

DRAKE had a waste basket of ice water dumped on his head during a show, and then made all the ladies scream by taking off his shirt.

BRITNEY SPEARS did it while standing in the shallow end of what appears to be her swimming pool. She may or may not have dropped the F-word at the end.

(Although not on the same level of celebrity as the names dropped above, we got soaked for a good cause too.)

JUSTIN BIEBER SETTLES ANOTHER CASE: Remember the pet monkey JUSTIN BIEBER abandoned in Germany?

German authorities say Justin paid $10,700 to settle a fine and pay for the costs of caring for a monkey he brought into the country last year without the necessary papers. The monkey was seized by customs, and Bieber didn't bother to claim the animal. The monkey now lives in a zoo in northern Germany.

ELLEN DEGENERES SHOWS US HER PICS: For their sixth anniversary, PORTIA DE ROSSI surprised ELLEN DEGENERES by having a skywriter write the word "SIX" in the sky.

BABY POOP: CHRISTIAN BALE and his wife welcomed a baby boy. He's their second child. They also have a 9-year-old daughter. Bale is extremely protective of his personal life, and he’s never even confirmed his older child's name.

MILLA JOVOVICH and her movie producer husband are expecting their second child, too, forcing them to postpone filming the final chapter of the Resident Evil movie franchise.

She released a statement on her Facebook, which read in part, "Between the stunt work and what will become my ever-expanding belly, we didn’t think pregnancy and zombie killing are the best combo! I imagine the only thing I’ll be killing in the near future is an endless supply of cupcakes."

Monday, August 18, 2014

TIMBERLAKE SHADED FOR OFFENSIVE TWEET TO MADONNA: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is catching heat for using an "n" word in a birthday message he Tweeted MADONNA. No, not the "n" word, but a replacement word commonly used as an alternate word to the racial slur.

JT Tweeted his friend, "A HAPPIEST of Bdays to my mother chucking ninja," but took it down after the Twitterverse pounced all over him for the perceived racially insensitive remark.

On a lighter note ... an 8-year-old autistic boy named Julian wanted nothing more than to see Justin in concert. He got his wish and then some after Justin led the entire arena in singing "Happy Birthday" to him. (WATCH)

RELATIONSHIP REPORT: GWYNETH PALTROW isn't the only one in a rumored relationship; CHRIS MARTIN has apparently moved on too. Word on the street is the 37-year-old Coldplay frontman is hooking up with 24-year-old JENNIFER LAWRENCE.

So-called insiders say Martin is attracted to Jennifer because she's the polar opposite of Gwyneth. The source said Chris feels like Lawrence has given him a "new lease of life," and that she's "everything he's been missing out on in the past 11 years

Gwyneth, by the way, is reportedly dating 'Glee' producer Brad Falchuk.

BABY POOP: CHRISTINA AGUILERA has pushed another bundle of joy out of her baby chute. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Christina delivered a daughter via C-section on Saturday.

Summer is her first child with her fiancé Matt Rutler. She also has a six-year-old son from her previous marriage.

IN DENIAL: JIM PARSON'S of “The Big Bang Theory” fame isn't ready to put a ring on it. The National Enquirer reported that Jim recently popped the question to his longtime boyfriend Todd Spiewak, but evidently that isn't so.

Parsons shot down the rumor by posting a picture of him and Spiewak from 2003 on Instagram, and captioning it, “Still very happy today... And NOT engaged!" He hashtagged it "NationalEnquirerMakesShitUp".

KENDRA AND HANK VACATION TOGETHER: Is KENDRA WILKINSON ready to make nice? Kendra and husband HANK BASKETT were spotted on vacation together in Costa Rica, and it doesn't appear to be for reality show.

The person who took the photo says there was no evidence of any tension between them, and that they seemed to be pretty happy together. The photographer says they happily ate their meal with the family without a single reality show camera in sight.

Meanwhile ... the new trailer for their reality show has Kendra claiming she flushed her wedding ring down the toilet after finding out Hank had an affair with a transexual ...

KATY PERRY SHOWS US HER VID: KATY PERRY got her nose pierced and wanted you to see it ...