Friday, March 27, 2015

JENNIFER LOPEZ AND CASPER SMART KISS - IS IT BACK ON?!: It's going to be hard for JENNIFER LOPEZ and CASPER SMART to keep denying they're together again, now that they've been caught kissing in public. [PHOTO] [PHOTO] [PHOTO]

The kiss happened Wednesday night, when Casper showed up to the set of  "American Idol". They were also spotted together recently at the premiere of  the animated movie "Home."

They broke up last summer after dating for almost four years.

COULD BE TRUE, BUT PROBABLY CRAP: Everyone is assuming ZAYN MALIK quit One Direction because that's how it's been presented. But Radar Online has another theory. They say "multiple insiders" are telling them it wasn't entirely his decision.

According to one of those sources,"Zayn's alcohol and drug use became a huge problem -- he chose not to get clean, and that's when they parted ways. They gave him every opportunity to clean up his act, but he just couldn't do it."

Meanwhile ... Lost in all the hysteria over Zayn walking away from the band is the amount of money he'll be leaving on the table.

One estimate suggests that 1D is in line to rake in around $75 MILLION in the coming year. Zayn's share would've been $15 million, in addition to whatever he's making on their existing music.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION ED SHEERAN: ED SHEERAN is single again. The 24-year-old revealed on Australian radio that he and the chick he's been dating for about a year now have split.

Things got awkward quickly when the radio hosts asked how Ed, who’s currently touring Down Under, was doing with the ladies. “Well, I wasn’t single. I was in a relationship for a long time,” Ed said. They inquired if he was single now, and he confirmed that his relationship with Athina Andrelos had ended.

When they asked if he wants to be single, Sheeran paused uncomfortably and, according to the hosts, appeared to be on the verge of tears. “Well, that’s interesting," he finally replied. "That’s the first time I’ve spoken about that.”

Athina, who works for celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, reportedly dated Ed for 14 months.

CHELSEA HANDLER SAYS BILL COSBY TRIED TO "COSBY" HER ONCE: CHELSEA HANDLER says she believes BILL COSBY'S many accusers because he tried to "Cosby her" 10 years ago.

Here's what she told  "Esquire" magazine: "He tried to 'Cosby me' . . . I was in Atlantic City playing, doing stand-up, and he was doing stand-up in the same hotel, and at like 3:00 in the afternoon, someone from the hotel came down and said, 'Oh, you know, Mr. Cosby would really like to meet you up in his hotel suite.'

"I said, 'That's really weird. I don't want to go alone.' I don't know him. So, the three guys I was with . . . thank God these guys were with me . . . because now I know what would've happened if I went up there alone."

"Yeah, so yeah, he's guilty," she concludes. "I think it's pretty obvious now."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MILEY CYRUS AND PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER TOGETHER AGAIN: It's not clear if MILEY CYRUS is still mad at PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER over his questionable behavior with two different women during spring break, but if she is, she's over it enough to have gone out to dinner with him Monday night.

People magazine claims Miley is upset and embarrassed about the spring break photos, even though Patrick didn't technically cheat. Us Weekly says he's "on probation" with her. Entertainment Tonight paints a prettier picture. According to them, they were laughing, joking, and couldn't keep their hands off each other during their dinner Monday night. [PHOTO]

CELINE DION DISCUSSES HUSBAND'S CANCER BATTLE: CELINE DION discussed her husband's battle with throat cancer on Good Morning America, revealing that it's to the point now where Rene can't use his mouth to eat.

"He's got a feeding tube," she tells GMA. "I have to feed him three times a day . . . I do this myself. And so I feed my husband, and I feed my kids."

Celine has been on a break from her Las Vegas residency while she and Rene deal with his cancer. She will resume her shows in August.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

RELATIONSHIP REPORT: JOHN MAYER and KATY PERRY tried to make it work, but alas it's over . . . again.

According to an E! News insider, the relationship killer was a “lack of emotional interest” on John’s end. The insider added that John's been telling his friends that he'll always love her, but "fell out of love with [her]."

John and Katy broke up in February of last year, then rekindled things at the beginning of this year.

Meanwhile, ORLANDO BLOOM and MIRANDA KERR have reportedly gone from husband and wife to friends with benefits.

The not-always-reliable In Touch Weekly quotes an anonymous source as saying that Orlando and Miranda have been "hooking up" of late "whenever the mood and opportunity strike."

They separated in 2013, and as far as we know, have not officially divorced.

Monday, March 23, 2015

IN DENIAL - JAMIE FOXX: You know that talk about JAMIE FOXX and KATIE HOLMES doing it? Well, Jamie says it ain't like that.

A paparazzo hit him up while he was walking back to his car in Los Angeles over the weekend, and Jamie denied a romance, saying they're just friends. He added they're working on an "animation project" together, and blamed the rumor's new life on the media, whom he accused of "trying to get that to stick for three years [now]."


He posted a picture of a blood-covered ROSAMUND PIKE from the movie "Gone Girl", and captioned it, "This is my sister Kim, the bitch from Gone Girl." If you haven't seen or heard of the movie, Rosamund's character in the flick is evil, and her misdeeds included murder.

While all of the pictures, with the exception of the Gone Girl photo, seem to have been deleted, the account appears to be authentic, according to People magazine, which notes that it was verified through Instagram and is the handle frequently tagged by Kris Jenner and his sister.

An insider calls the whole thing "dumb," telling the magazine, "He always posts things he thinks are funny and deletes and unfollows people."

Meanwhile ... KHLOE says Rob is "not at his happiest place" right now. She adds that he's become "very introverted and has a kind of social anxiety," but doesn't go into detail.

RIHANNA SAYS HE ONCE FELL IN LOVE WITH A 'BEAST' - WAS SHE REFERRING TO CHRIS BROWN?!: RIHANNA was doing press for the new animated movie she's in, and during an interview, she was asked what animated flick was her favorite growing up.

She said it was "Beauty and the Beast," then seemingly took a shot at CHRIS BROWN/ "I fell in love with the Beast," she said, "Pretty much my dating record so far."

Speaking of The Beast ... Brown can officially put that incident behind him. He was in court Friday and learned he's finally off probation for attacking Rihanna in 2009.

It's taken six years because Chris has had a few legal bumps in the road over the years. Most recently, his probation was revoked in January after he was present at two different nightclub shootings. He was also arrested a few times, like when he assaulted a man in Washington, D.C. in October of 2013.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

WATCH ADAM LEVINE NAIL CONCERTGOER IN THE FACE: There were some sound problems during a MAROON 5 show in Toronto Monday night, so a frustrated ADAM LEVINE threw his microphone to the ground.

But it bounced and hit a woman in the face!

Adam immediately ran over to check on her, then brought her on stage and let her watch the rest of the show from the side of the stage.

UPDATE - HOLMES AND FOXX PHOTOGRAPHED HOLDING HANDS: Aw, s**t, it just got real. Us Weekly has published a picture of KATIE HOLMES and JAMIE FOXX holding hands. [PHOTO]

The tab reports the "fling" is now "a long-term attraction." A so-called "mutual pal" says part of the attraction for Katie is that "Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with," and that she's "getting everything from [him] that she didn't get with Tom."

And Foxx is supposedly just as smitten. The magazine quotes an insider who says he refers to Holmes "my girl."